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Saturday, 28 May 2011

Chiam Su Ruey, Ray

 <<<<Yup, that's me right there, thinking about my goal, my future. Am i on the right path? What i want to achieve in the future? Nahhhh, I was just sitting right there for 2 hours thinking where the hell did all the fish go. Haha. Anyway let me introduce myself. Hi, my name is Chiam Su Ruey. Most of my friends call me Ray. going to be 21 years "young" this October. I do not drink, smoke, and gamble. Only gamble during Chinese New Year. *smiley face* Okay okay, i admit, i drink a little, on special occasion of cause. But it gives me a huge headache after that, that is why i hate drinking! I am a funny guy who likes to tell lame jokes sometimes or maybe all the time, that is what my friends told me. Well, no jokes no fun, right? Besides that, I love magic tricks, one of the reason i took psychology degree is because of that. Wanted to prove that does mind reading really exist, apparently it does not exist but mind manipulating does. Been performing to my friends till they do not want to play poker and "blackjack" with me. 

 I believe that in order to earn something, you have to fight for it. There is no free lunch in this world. Talking about lunch is making me hungry XD. Back to the point, no one will offer you something if you do not earn it. When i was a kid, i always wanted to be a police officer (typical dream job for a boy). As times goes by, i realized that was not what i wanted to be. Actually I want to be a CRIMINAL.....    ...........................OGIST, a criminologist. After watching "Criminal Minds", what they (the criminal) were doing are beyond our understanding.  That is also another reason why i am taking psychology degree. I want to further my study by taking Master in Criminology in the future. In order to achieve that goal, I need to work really hard from now on. Okay, enough of my personal life, if you want to know more, please call 016-AWESOME ( it's fake, you can try though XD) LOL

Geraldine Lee Shen May

Ask almost anyone who knows me what they think of me and you're bound to hear the words 'bubbly' and 'cheerful'. When you first meet me, you may get the impression that I'm unfriendly or intimidating but that's probably because I'm nervous and have no idea what to say! But honestly, I'm a down-to-earth, straightforward, usually-happy person who loves making new friends. :D

I daydream a lot,  I get high on laughter and large doses of sugar, I like dancing, and I think my dog is the cutest thing in the universe. My main passion though, is baking. One of my dreams is to become the best baker in the world! Not a very realistic dream, but still within reach. I mean, why not? I just have to come up with the ultimate cupcake and cookie recipe and I'm set to go! Just watching someone else sink their teeth into something I made, and hearing the words "this is really good" gives me a big boost of happiness and satisfaction knowing that someone is enjoying something that I put so much effort into! :)

"Aspirations". The word itself sounds inspiring - it speaks about dreams and who we want to be. As a child, I had wanted to be so many things; an astronaut, a pilot, a deep sea diver, a mermaid. Nothing stood in my way!! At least, nothing that I could see at that point in time. I mean, who was to say I couldn't grow a tail, jump into the sea and live there for as long as I wanted? Who would have challenged me if I wanted to fly into space?

Now as I have grown older, I want to be someone who is able to motivate others. I want to be someone who can inspire others to go for their dreams and motivate them to the point where they think they're Superman and are capable of doing anything! People will be happier and more satisfied with themselves, if only they can get themselves to start what they've always dreamed of doing. Rather than thinking that their dream is far from their grasp, I'd want people to just try and reach for it. Even if they fail, then they can have a new dream, rather than wondering "what if".

Dorothy Yap Ern Hui

 Born to be a perfectionist. People who does not knows me would think that I'm stuck-up or maybe a better way to put it, unfriendly? my mum even commented about this and said that I am aloof.. yes! even my own mother ): but then if you would to ask my friends, they will tell you that I am a girl who will turn crazy when I'm hyper, especially when I am experiencing sugar rush. They will have to 'suffer' my hyper-ness which will then be contagious (:

I often sets high target for myself. If you would ask me who is my first enemy my answer would be myself. Like what people usually say, expectation is always followed by disappointment. Yet, sometimes is those high expectation towards myself makes me a better person. this is when we sing ' i hate you but i love you' teehee :P

Taking about aspiration. hmm. my aim is always to be a successful woman. who is able to support herself with a luxurious lifestyle. If you have watch 'Devil wears Prada' I always want a lifestyle like the ladyboss in that movie (:  Despite that, being a corporate psychologist is always my passion and it explains why I'm taking the course I am currently studying..

few days ago, one of our member, Ryan was injured and was admitted to the hospital. A few of us went to the hospital and visited him, sneak in Baskin Robbins to cheer this poor boy up :)
we are always the awesome friends! :D
get well soon RYAN! :P

till then, xx

Wong Tze Keat, Ryan

hi to every reader of this blog of ours. Welcome. To those who come here wondering who this person is and what is his aspiration. You are in for a read cause i am aspired to be the man among man. When we were young, teachers and parents alike used to ask what we want to be when we grew up and the normal answer would be a doctor, a police, a fireman and so on. Maybe we were to naive and young at that moment or maybe not. But still, we were inspired to be someone whom people would look up to with respect and awe,. Do you not agree with me? ( snikers) of cause you do. And if you don't then maybe you have a different personality? xD

Well, i want to be the man among man who others look up to as he widen his success and gains respect. I shall work hard and become that person through my own means. And from this moment on for those who are still drifting around well I urge you to get started because your time is short and you will only get to live once! So live life and be GREAT! :D

Naissen Yuvarajen Chinnaiyan

 M  Y   P R O F I L E

Hi everyone my name is Naissen am from Mauritius. Am doing my major in Data warehousing from the Information Technology department. After my graduation at Highschool I had the choice between Architecture and I.T.   The reason behind that I chose I.T is that I was influence “inspired” by cousins who are now CEO in Mauritius Commercial Bank and the other one works in an Ethical hacking company where he is employ to test vulnerabilities in companies system and strengthen leakage to prevent hacking.   In contrast to that we youngsters nowadays we have issues about choosing our right path for our goals. We sometimes make the wrong turn and make bad decision, but we somehow end up in a correct path with the guidance of our parents and teachers. So, working on that perspective of my inspiration, I finalized my goals structure by coming to malaysie and study which was the very first step on the structure, then comes the “find the right job” thing. After my highschool I was working at the Mauritius commercial bank as a junior IT technician, it was actually a 6 months training from with I was able to response to their demand and work according to their work composition and delivery the best of myself and at the end of my training I was offered to sign a one year contract with the bank to become and employer which I rejected because I felt incomplete without having any degree which might contribute for a promotion in the future when I will be working. Here I am in Malaysia studying I.T.  My response to my choice is that I was inspired to become an I.T professional it was not just a dream. As every youngsters of my age I have hobbies and passions.  I am a Liverpool FC fan and that was since I was a child. My favorite hobbies are playing chess. The thing about playing chess for me is a stress relief ; this is a true fact about me beating someone at chess feels better than getting an orgasm LOLL !! I know that sounds wrong but this is how I love my hobbies with passions and devotion. My other hobbies are playing pool, reading books, internet mining and shop for antiques. i also love music and also play guitar and piano since more than 3 years from now . I love this quote from Sir William Shakespear 
  • If music be the food of love play on! ” – Sir William Shakespear.
:) :D
My facebook :!/naissen ADD ME ! WE GONNA MoooOOOo :) 

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